The latest RSA governance information is posted here. Voting has now closed in the elections. Our AGM was on the 7 October 2014. Please use the links below to navigate to each section.

2014 Election Results
AGM 2014 resolutions
Trustee Board and Trustee Code of Conduct
RSA Fellowship Council  

Find out more about our governance structure (PDF, 295KB). 

2014 Election Results

Following our AGM on the 7th October we are pleased to announce that:

Keith Read and Jackie Elliman have been re-elected to the Trustee Board for second three year terms.

That the following were elected to the Fellowship Council:

London Chair: Philippa Holland
London Fellowship Councillor: Anette Thorup

West Chair: Ted Fowler
West Fellowship Councillor: Allan Bosley

East Midlands Chair: Jeanne Booth

Scotland Chair: Ann Packard
Scotland Fellowship Councillor: Tatjana Hine

Wales Chair: Wiard Sterk

Ireland Chair: Christopher McCracken

Council Members At Large:
Dr Erinma Ochu
Professor Pooran Wynarczyk
Kath Davies
Kerrie Howard
Chris Luffingham
Steve Coles
Nick Parker

For a full list of our Fellowship Councillors please click through to the Fellowship Council page.

AGM 2014 and Resolutions Passed 

The RSA AGM was held on Tuesday 7 October 2014.  The AGM passed the following resolutions:

Resolution 1: To approve the Trustee Board’s election of Dr Suzy Walton as Deputy Chair, which requires the concurrence of the AGM, for a further two year term.

Resolution 2: That Bye-law 4.3 is amended to read: “Election of the Chair shall normally be for three years but at the prior request of the nominee may be made for a shorter period. The Board may invite a Chair due to retire their term with the concurrence of the AGM to a second term. The Chair’s term of office as Chair shall cease when the Chair ceases to be a Trustee.”

Resolution 3: That Bye-law 7.4 is amended to read: “The Fellowship Council shall elect a Chair and a Deputy Chair, at least one of whom must be an elected Fellowship Councillor. Their term of office shall be the two year term of the Fellowship Council. A Chair or Deputy Chair can serve no more than two consecutive terms. Notwithstanding Bye-law 7.3, they shall continue to hold such office for six months or until an incoming Fellowship Council elects a new Chair and Deputy Chair, whichever is the sooner. Subject to Bye-law 7.3 they may remain as Fellowship Councillor thereafter.”

Resolution 4: That Bye-law 3.6 is amended to read: “Notwithstanding the term of office provided for under Bye-law 3.5 a Fellow elected in accordance with Bye-law 3.2(c) shall serve for the two year term of the Fellowship Council subject to Bye-law 9b IX, they shall thereafter serve for 6 months or until such time as the Fellowship Council has elected replacement Fellows; whichever is the sooner. A Fellow elected under Bye-law 3.2(c) shall be subject to the provisions of Bye-law 3.5(a) and (b).”  

RSA Trustee Board

Trustees are responsible under RSA bye-laws and charity law for ensuring that the charitable objectives of the society are carried out and that the organisation is run in an appropriate, legal way. View the Trustee Code of Conduct (PDF).

The Trustee Board meets approximately six times a year.

The Trustee Board

Vikki Heywood CBE, Chair
Suzy Walton, Deputy Chair
Sarah Ebanja, Treasurer
Hanif Virji, Treasurer
Irene Campbell
Tony Cohen
Jackie Elliman
Clive Grinyer
Andy Gibson
Don Pinchbeck
Peter Fell
Keith Read CBE

Members of the Trustee Board can be contacted by email.  All emails will be read by a member of the Board, who will reply as soon as possible.

RSA Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is a representative forum for Fellows of the RSA, with the core aim of promoting more effective working relationships between all aspects of the RSA, and specifically ensuring that the Fellowship's voice is heard by the Trustee Board and by RSA staff. Find out more