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AGM 2013
The Trustee Board Elections 2013
AGM 2014
Trustee Board and Trustee Code of Conduct
RSA Fellowship Council

AGM 2013

The 259th Annual General Meeting took place at 5pm GMT on Wednesday 9 October 2013 in the Great Room at 8 John Adam Street. We are pleased to announce that the resolution put forward by the Board of Trustees ‘To approve the Trustee Board’s election of Sarah Ebanja as Treasurer which requires the concurrence of the AGM’ has been approved at the AGM.

Trustee Elections 2013

We are pleased to announce that Suzy Walton and Don Pinchbeck have been re-elected to the Board of Trustees for another term of three years and Peter Fell has been elected to the Board of Trustees for a first term of three years. The votes are as follows:

WALTON, Dr Suzy 2884 Elected
FELL, Peter 1483 Elected
PINCHBECK, Don 1312 Elected
LADIMEJI, Dapo 994
AICKIN, Dr Malcolm 923
NOBLE, Malcolm 874
ASHLEY, Roderic James   
THOMPSON, Robin JM 605
MAIETTA, Francis 369

AGM 2014

The next AGM will be held on the 7th of October 2014.

Procedure for Fellows’ resolutions

According to Bye-Law 10.5 “No other matter than the business above mentioned shall, except with the consent of the Board, be considered or discussed, or any resolution be moved at an AGM, unless written notice shall have been sent to the Chief Executive at the Society’s House specifying the matter to be considered or the resolution to be voted upon 60 days before the AGM (or such other lesser period as the Board may from time to time prescribe). In addition, any such matter or resolution shall at the time notice is given as aforesaid be signed by no fewer than 200 Fellows.”

Any resolution from Fellows should be sent to Carol Jackson, the Chief Operating Officer, (cc the Governance Manager, ) at the Society’s House at latest the 7th August 2014 at noon.

Additionally, Bye-Law 13.15 stipulates that “Where Fellows are entitled to table resolutions and/or requisition meetings under Bye-laws 3.8, 10.5 and 10.6, if the resolution or the requisition has the written (either physical or electronic) support of at least 50 Fellows, the resolution or requisition will be posted on the Fellowship section of the RSA Website for Fellows to garner additional support.  If four weeks after the posting of the resolution or requisition, the resolution or requisition is not supported by the required number of signatures it will lapse.  In relation to Bye-law 10.5 the resolution with the support of 50 Fellows must have been received by the Chief Executive at the Society’s House 95 days before the date of the AGM. It will then be posted for one month on the Fellowship section of the RSA Website so that in accordance with Bye-law 10.5, sixty days’ notice of the AGM resolution can be given.”

RSA Trustee Board

Trustees are responsible under RSA bye-laws and charity law for ensuring that the charitable objectives of the society are carried out and that the organisation is run in an appropriate, legal way. View the Trustee Code of Conduct (PDF)

The Trustee Board meets approximately five times a year.

The Trustee Board

Vikki Heywood CBE, Chair
Suzy Walton, Deputy Chair
Sarah Ebanja, Treasurer
Hanif Virji, Treasurer
Irene Campbell
Tony Cohen
Jackie Elliman
Clive Grinyer
Andy Gibson
Don Pinchbeck
Peter Fell
Keith Read CBE

Members of the Trustee Board can be contacted by email.  All emails will be read by a member of the Board, who will reply as soon as possible.

RSA Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is a representative forum for Fellows of the RSA, with the core aim of promoting more effective working relationships between all aspects of the RSA, and specifically ensuring that the Fellowship's voice is heard by the Trustee Board and by RSA staff. Find out more