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Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council meets quarterly. Find out what was discussed at previous Fellowship Council meetings.

There is a handbook for Fellows involved in the regional teams, which outlines regional composition, the roles involved and has some guidance around events, networks and communications. Read RSA Fellowship Council Useful Information (PDF).  

Fellowship Councillors play a key role in the RSA’s engagement with Fellows, helping us to nurture the best new ideas and ensuring that the Fellowship’s voice is heard within the organisation. There are two types of Fellowship Councillor: thematic and area.  

Fellowship Council terms of reference (PDF). 

Thematic Councillors

 Six thematic Fellowship Councillors have been selected through an application process overseen by a panel of Fellowship Councillors and Trustees. They are chosen based on their high-level expertise and ability to contribute to each of the RSA’s thematic areas:

Creative Learning and Development Thematic Councillor

Lucy Griffiths

Chris McLean

Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing Thematic Councillor

Jan Floyd-Douglass

Ann Thorpe

Public Services and Communities Thematic Councillor

Claire Haigh 

Brian McLeish

Area Councillors

Area Fellowship Councillors enable and support local RSA activity. They are voted for by the Fellowship. 


Peter Clitheroe

Jay Singh-Sohal

Rachel Sharpe


Kieran McGeown

Suzanne Lyle


Bhavani Esapathi

Kuki Taylor

Ann Longley


Sharon Jandu

Pamela Ball

Maurice Ward


Neil McLennan

Lesley Martin

South East

Caroline Clark

Don Mclaverty

Jim Zalles

South West

Michelle Preston

Nick Parker

Stephen Horscroft


Leonie Ramondt


Hosan Lee

Enrique Mendizibal

Marion Lawie