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In September 2013, Social Mirror received funding from the Nominet Trust to trial its practical use in public services. Social Mirror: Community Prescriptions is a highly local pilot working in Knowle West, Bristol, along with our community partner the Knowle West Media Centre.

Launched in Spring 2013, the application is now being used in the William Budd Health Centre over a 12 month period. People waiting see their GPs are asked to complete a short questionnaire on tablet computers and, if they need it, they are then given their ‘social prescription’.

By testing the app's effectiveness in different contexts – such as among GPs or other health practitioners – the RSA will evaluate the impact of social prescriptions on people's mental wellbeing, their sense of attachment to and participation in the local community, and their use of public services. Please sign up here if you would like to be informed when we release our final report in early 2015.