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Sustainable CitizenshipOne of the Citizen Power Peterborough projects, Sustainable Citizenship aimed to encourage, test and support people’s ideas to make green behaviour easier in Peterborough and the city a more sustainable place to live.

The objectives were:

  • To encourage innovative projects (with an emphasis on encouraging behaviour change) led by local residents

  • To create a digital network that would allow sharing of information and best practice among local volunteers

  • To build capacity and support ideas

  • To support Peterborough’s bid to become the Environment Capital of the UK through practical projects and learning about environmental activism

Sustainable CitizenshipThe project stimulated and incubated community-led environmental projects, and strengthened the local network of environmentalists making it more innovative.

Around 75 local environmentalists participated in Sustainable Citizenship. 14 hyper-local environmental pilot projects designed and led by local people were funded. 


Sustainable Citizenship delivered workshops and talks and introduced on-line platform Project Dirt to the city. Project Dirt increased the visibility of practical environmental action by community groups and helped better networking among local environmentalists.

It also serves as a long-term repository for people’s experiences bringing Peterborough residents into easy contact with non-Peterborough projects, again encouraging new solutions to the city.

This RSA project worked in partnership with Peterborough Council and Arts Council England.