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Rob Newman

Rob Newman

Rob Newman is a writer, political activist and comedian.

Rob read English at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he met David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt, alongside whom he appeared in 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience' from 1990 to 1993. Six years later, he covered the Seattle protests for Channel 4 News. He continues to perform sell-out live shows and has written three novels.

Following sell-out shows in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London in 2013, Robert Newman’s New Theory of Evolution is back for 2014.  Rewritten, revised, and packed with new material - Rob has honed HIS new theory of evolution. The show is an exploration of the exciting new discoveries over the last decade in the field of evolutionary biology, and an attack on Selfish Gene theory, arguing that Darwinism is a much richer thing than Dawkinism, and that Dawkins is totally un-Darwinian.

This is Rob’s first full length touring show since 2005's History of Oil which has been screened in cinemas worldwide from Tokyo to Texas, Vancouver to Venice.

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