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This case study is the second in a series of five which will explore key strands of the Arts and Social Change programme within Citizen Power Peterborough. This set of case studies will explore how these projects have contributed to the aims of Citizen Power and uncover some of the inherent challenges we encountered, in the hope that these may prove useful for similar initiatives.

This strand provided an anchor for the Arts and Social Change programme for the benefit of all those who live and/or work in the creative community of Peterborough and was facilitated by Chris Higgins of The Map Consortium.

Beginning in mid-2010, and held every few months until the end of the programme in the summer of 2012, a series of 10 Creative Gatherings provided a collaborative public space for the Peterborough arts community. They were held in different spaces across the city to encourage a mix of different people to attend and to support an inclusive arts community.


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Richard Ings
Independent writer, researcher and arts consultant

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