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Transitions to participatory democracy


  • Deliberative democracy
  • Communities
  • Localism

Working alongside the UK Inclusive Growth Network, we have explored how local places can advance and embed the use of participatory democracy. 

This research has highlighted six broad transitions in local policy and practice that can help local authorities advance and embed local participatory democracy:

  1. Equalising participation opportunities for residents.
  2. Building sustained participation journeys for residents.
  3. Delegating decision-making authority to residents.
  4. Embedding participation as standard practice.
  5. Engaging residents in partnership with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.
  6. Securing broad support for participation, within and beyond public authorities.

The report details these transitions and gives practical guidance and priority recommendations.

Download the report (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Download the executive summary (PDF, 465 KB)

pdf 3.6 MB

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