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Inspired conversations enable us to go beyond outmoded mindsets and approaches that no longer work. Relationships are at the heart of everything; how we work with each other, our ecology and our self is critical for our future - and yet there is often a poverty of genuine dialogue to explore core questions and foster action.

Addressing this challenge is The Oasis School of Human Relations, a not-for-profit peer based learning enterprise with its home in Boston Spa.

Oasis is a global pioneer of whole person learning and human relations practice. Co-founded by Nick Ellerby FRSA and Bryce Taylor FRSA in 1989, it’s a founding partner of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, the research initiator for ‘Developing the workplace of tomorrow if people and planet really matter’, and provides a Development Hub for leaders, change makers, facilitators and coaches who are equipping themselves as instruments for change in an unpredictable world.

To foster leading edge ideas and transformational practice, Oasis introduced Salons in 2017.

In part inspired by the great European Salons, which took place from the Enlightenment until the French Revolution. Salons played an integral role in cultural and intellectual development, and were key to the spread of ideas. Becoming the centre of intellectual as well as social exchange, Salons brought people together under the roof of an inspiring host to not only increase knowledge and develop new practice, but also to amuse one another.

Oasis Salons have proved to be a great success in attracting leaders and developers from diverse contexts. Invited ‘conversation starters’ act as a catalyst for deeper dialogue, breakthrough ideas and ways of working with intractable issues. 

They are an incredible opportunity for experienced, emerging and new leaders to explore compelling questions with peers. They offer time and space to have the opportunity to touch on startling new futures that can be unexpected and astonishing.  

The Salons attract organisational and community leaders who want to make a difference. So far they have stimulated action in areas such as co-operation, warm data, kindness and trust, peer working and intrapreneurship. Conversation starters include Gay Haskins, Robert Bell, Nora Bateson, Ed Mayo, Louis Klein and Clare Short.

The theme for 2019 is ‘Complexity, Wicked Problems and Relationships’ with topics ranging from Smart Governance to Liminal Leadership.  The evening Salons are on 13 March, 1 May, and 10 July, with the Autumn date tbc.

Louis Klein and Nora Bateson are each running a two-day intensive, ‘Developing Smart Governance in a Complex World’ and ‘Leadership from the Liminal Space’.


3 Ways to Contribute:

1. Join in - Salons thrive on engaged contributors.

2. Encourage a colleague - if you know a change maker, an atypical leader or social entrepreneur who’d really benefit from participating, encourage them to get in touch. The Salons fill well in advance, so don’t hesitate.

3. Go further - take action in your own world, begin an individual inquiry, and/or go deeper by joining a follow-on two day workshop with a world class ‘conversation starter’.

Visit the Oasis website to find out more, or call on 01937 541700.

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