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Cities of Learning helps people find new learning opportunities near them. Our digital platform lets learners transform what they’ve studied into new skills, qualifications and careers.

We work with local leaders, learning providers, and employers to find untapped sources of community education and transform local lifelong learning.

Cities of Learning:

  • Widens access to learning for all
  • Prepares young people for work
  • Joins up skills and industry
  • Creates a workforce ready for a changing world of work
  • Encourages a sense of place, identity, and ambition

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With new chances to learn uncovered, learners are empowered to discover and take advantage of the opportunities on their doorstep


Cities of Learning digital badges track learning and give students a valuable, trusted way to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.


The platform connects learners with learning providers and employers, all in one digital space. This allows employers to find the right person for the job.

Who Benefits?


Cities of Learning helps you to take control of your learning journey to reach personal and professional goals

  • Local, flexible learning in a range of environments
  • Articulate your skills and life experience in a language employers understand
  • Clear routes to employment
  • Explore a passion or make a difference to your community


Cities of Learning amplifies the potential of your city's learning ecosystem, improving economic, social and individual wellbeing:

  • Widen access to learning for all
  • Prepare young people for work
  • Join up skills and industry
  • Encourage a sense of place, identity, and ambition

Learning Organisations

The Cities of Learning platform can help you make your offer more discoverable, measurable, inclusive and directly relevant to today’s learners:

  • Reach more learners 
  • Measure the impact of your programme
  • Use a new skills currency to add value to your offer
  • Help your students thrive in life and work
  • Demonstrate how you meet OFSTED and Gatsby requirements


Cities of Learning supports you to discover work-ready talent that fits your company culture, within a couple of clicks

  • Connect with the right talent for your busines
  • Enhance your recruitment process and support diversity and inclusivity
  • Amplify your training and development offer
  • Address skills gaps through responsive learning

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What people are saying about Cities of Learning

"Spreading innovations such as Cities of Learning across borders can be a game changer for education, worldwide.

We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students and organisations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future."

Saku Tuominen

Chief Executive Officer, HundrED

"Contributing to the Cities of Learning programme will help us gain an understanding of how people and communities are interacting with new technology, the barriers they may face - perceived or actual - to maximising the benefits of that techology and how we can work with our partners in industry to improve their experience."

Richard Brophy

Head of Corporate Responsibility, OpenReach

“This is a really exciting project for Plymouth to be a part. We’re going to be making the whole city a digital learning campus which will ultimately encourage more people to take part in learning. As a council we are determined to ensure our young people are skilled and ready to step into the world of work and Cities of Learning is a way for students to keep a digital record of that learning.”

Councillor Jon Taylor

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Transformation