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AI and the future of learning

AI and the Future of Learning

Could artificial intelligence help unlock a revolution in how and when we learn across our lifetimes?

Join The RSA and Google DeepMind in this three-part article series as we delve into the realm of AI and learning to look at where the fusion of technology and education could lead - from personalised learning, to reimagining the skills we will need over our lifetimes, to unlocking everyone’s full potential.

In collaboration with Google DeepMind, an AI research lab based in London, we hosted a roundtable in May 2023 to explore this future for AI and learning, bringing together policymakers, practitioners and learners at the forefront of this transformative field. In this series, we will unravel the insights from this discussion, exploring the dynamic landscape of lifelong learning and AI, the opportunities and challenges of AI-enabled personalised learning, and the exciting future developments that have the potential to reshape education.

The 21st century is the first in which humans will need to make lifelong learning a practical reality. Doing so will mean configuring learning journeys to individuals' lifestyles and neurologies. AI enables us to do so, personalising learning and thereby potentially transforming our model of education for the public good.

CEO, The RSA Andy Haldane

Artificial intelligence has great potential to enhance lifelong learning. To realise this potential, we must find the most equitable outcome and co-design the right guardrails. This expert discussion illuminates a meaningful path forward.

Head of Policy and Public Engagement, Google DeepMind Dorothy Chou

The shifting landscape of learning and AI

In Part One we explore challenges in education and inclusion today, emphasising lifelong learning's critical role in addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges. We also highlight AI's adaptive, conversational, and generative applications for personalised learning across the Three Horizons foresight model, grounding discussions in the reality of what might be possible to help us speculate on the future. This contextual article frames findings explored in the subsequent parts by establishing a framework of viability, desirability, and feasibility for implementing AI to enable personalised learning. 

Opportunities and challenges for AI-enabled personalised learning

Part two delves into the groundbreaking opportunities AI personalised learning offers, transforming education as we know it. We then explore the barriers that stand in the way of AI-enabled personalised learning. Trust, bias, data privacy: we confront these issues head-on to understand what it would take to turn opportunities into reality.

Future trajectories for AI personalised learning

Finally, we peer towards the horizon of possibilities. With short, medium, and long-term time frames, we envision a future where AI helps us to expand learning outcomes and keep pace with an evolving society. Stakeholders from the roundtable weigh in on consensus and considerations, paving the way to the equitable use of AI across the learning and education system. 

This series embraces the associated benefits of AI-enabled personalised learning. As we embark on this quest for education that is both lifelong and inclusive, the collaborative and collective expertise of educators, policymakers, AI technologists and learners are critical to a brighter future for education. By harnessing the transformative power of AI-enabled personalised learning, our aim is to address challenges currently faced by educators and learners, mitigate risks to skills caused by polycrises, and foster a world in which every one of us can experience quality learning throughout our life. 

With thanks to organisations and individuals who participated in the roundtable

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