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RSA Connectors are Fellows who are drivers of social change and are at the heart of social innovation in their respective city, region or country. They are linked into networks and to those who are invested in progressive social action and tackling the challenges facing their community.

The RSA, with its 260 year old history, is an organization that is a force for social good in the world. In a rapidly changing world, the RSA provides a forum whereby anyone can participate in creating progressive change in their region or country. Its mission is to bring about social change and action through the development of ideas and innovation.  This is particularly important in countries with a burgeoning civil society.

Working on behalf of the RSA, Connectors actively seek new ideas, promote social innovation and connect ideas to action in the city or country where they are located. They are in effect the RSA’s sensors or eyes and ears around the world.

The RSA Connector is a voluntary role within the RSA situated at the forefront of social change globally. At present we have an amazing network of individuals that believe in civic innovation and seek to contribute to social impact all over the world.

In Thailand, Chris Oestereich our RSA Connector hosts an RSA Meet Up in Bangkok once every couple of months with both RSA Fellows and interested persons who are keen to make a difference in their part of the world. At the last meet up Fellows were able to network and connect as they discussed their personal passions and projects currently underway.

We also have a dynamic RSA Connector in Finland, Mika Aaltonen, who is a former footballer, serial entrepreneur and visionary of what it means to be a RSA Fellow in Finland. For him, a small country like Finland will benefit immensely from a dynamic network that is inspired by the RSA values and drive to make the country better.

Some of the annual activities planned by the RSA Fellowship in Finland  include A Leadership Seminar every January, Monthly meetings to watch an RSA Public Lecture; Design Day every September and an annual study visit.

This was just a small snapshot of some of the activities of our 30+ RSA Connectors located all over the world. To find out who is the Connector in your country visit the RSA Connector web page.

Also, please see below for some of the key tasks of the RSA Connector:


  • Serve in an ambassadorial capacity for the RSA in your country. To represent the RSA – its work and values at events or activities within your country.
  • Act as the main point of contact for Fellows and potential Fellows in your region or country
    • To welcome new Fellows and assist Fellows visiting region or country.
    • To communicate on a consistent basis with Fellows about events or activities.
    • To inform non – Fellows about the RSA activities and local RSA projects.
    • Be the main contact between the RSA Global and the Fellowship in your country.
    • Coordinate and deliver events aimed at recruiting new Fellows and re-engaging existing Fellows.
    • Be an active member of the group of RSA Connectors.
    • Kickstart a programme of activity and partnerships for RSA Fellows in your country

At present, the RSA Global Team is seeking to recruit RSA Connectors globally and we have just launched a Network Fund to fund events led by Connectors.  If you would like to get in touch with the Connector in your country, or would like to become a new connector,  please visit the RSA Connector web page and download the RSA Connector guide. 

To find out more please contact Adanna Shallowe - RSA Global Manager at



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