The rites, rituals and contradictions of eating meat

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  • Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Environment

The debate around whether we should eat animals has historically been the domain of an ethically minded minority, but with the recent surge in vegetarianism and veganism, it is now posed every day on restaurant menus, on supermarket shelves and at the family dinner table.

This dietary shift has re-awoken age-old questions, concerns and contradictions surrounding the place of meat in our diet. How should we align our love for animals with their place on our plates? Is there an ethical way to eat meat? What impact does our appetite for meat have on the planet, the animals we consume, and the humans involved in rearing and slaughtering?

Expert in the many complexities of the meat paradox, Rob Percival examines the politics of meat from hunter-gatherer origins to the industrial scale of modern consumption to consider the psychology of our dietary choices and what role meat should play in our future diet. 

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