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Navigating the World of Social Justice Work

Fellowship Event



Social justice work has never been more critical than it is right now. If we are to collaborate and create a world where everyone is able to participate in creating a better future, we must connect personal narrative with the power structure. One critical tool in social justice engagement is the use of storytelling as a way to speak truth to power. Have you been worried that your story is not enough to effect change? Have you felt overwhelmed with the endless possibilities to engage in social justice work? How do issues of decolonization and white supremacy fit into social justice?

Join this Salon to discuss questions such as:

1. What are the different types of social justice work and how have you engaged in it?

2. How do issues of decolonization and white supremacy affect change?

3. How do you get the most out of your story as an innovative changemaker?

4. As we move towards an increasingly complicated democracy, what does that mean for change making?

5. How can you use technology and authentic voice to create a platform for inspired, intentional action?


Salon host:


RSA US Virtual Salons occur on the third Thursday of each month; they aim to create open dialogue and a space for RSA US Fellows to connect across geography over the issues of our times. Join a Salon to get to know other RSA US Fellows and our interests, passions, and perspectives. Salons are supported through the moderation of a volunteer to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard. We invite all Fellows to join this discussion to deepen the ways we can connect with each other across the country!
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