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The revival of RSA activities in New Delhi began with a great start at an informal meeting held earlier this month. Four members were in attendance - Rohit Gulati, MD of Incubis Consultants; Sachdev Ramakrishna, Chief of Marketing & Strategy at Knowurture; Dr. Jitin Chadha, Founder & Director, Indian Institute of Art & Design; Pramod Emjay, Founder of CryptoMe (and serving as RSA Connector).

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While Jitin and Pramod are relatively newer members of the fellowship, Rohit and Sachdev have been a part of the RSA network for longer, and brought with them stories of RSA activities over the years. Much of the discussion revolved around what kinds of activities the RSA could engage in locally, and what kinds of projects the members could initiate given their respective backgrounds and experiences - suggestions have included a series of guest lectures, a panel discussion around topics of interest and spotlight lectures by prominent RSA members when they travel to the country. There was also discussion of reaching out to inactive members who might be interested with a new set of projects being lined up.

Following from this initial, informal meeting, it was proposed that a subsequent meeting could be used to draw up an agenda for the coming year. The Delhi group of FRSAs was active just a few years prior, and this meeting sets the tone for a healthy renewal.

For more details, please contact Pramod Emjay, RSA Connector, Delhi.




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