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Become an Apps for Good Expert

We are developing new ways of keeping in contact with you to make the most of your skills and enthusiasm. New opportunities with which you can get involved include:

1. Apps for Good | Mentoring in digital skills |London

Apps for Good is an open-source education movement that enables young people to create mobile, social and web apps to solve problems that matter to them. Become an Apps for Good Expert and offer your advice on new product development, idea screening, user & market insight, technical & data feasibility, user experience, web development, social app development, business models, marketing and public speaking to our student teams. You only need to give one hour of your time and join an expert session via video conferencing to make a positive impact on their journey getting energy, inspiration and new perspectives from the students in return.

Challenging the way business and computing are taught in schools

The Apps for Good course covers all the key aspects of new product development, from idea generation, feasibility and deciding on business models to product design and marketing. Apps for Good trains their educators across the UK to deliver its course to young people and match them with expert volunteers who advise on their app ideas.

Join the movement

In the 2013/2014 academic year, over 20,000 students will participate in the Apps for Good course across the UK - growing from 5,000 last year. It’s a big leap and that’s why they need more expert volunteers. Sign up today:

2. Drive forward | Mentoring in business | London


3. Brightside



4. Spark Inside



5. Student Hubs (Cambridge… ?)



6. Sunday assembly (Nationwide)




7. Colin Crooks

8. Plan Zheroes 

These opportunities have arisen through RSA partners and RSA Catalyst projects. More information about each project, including the level of input they need can be found on the RSA website.

You might also like to know about two other ways to engage:

  • We have recently launched RSA crowdfunding with Fellows’ projects looking for your support to make a positive social impact. Help their campaigns and give feedback and/or volunteer for the project, share it with your network, or become a financial backer. Find out more
  • The Social Entrepreneurs Network has an online group which has 350+ members and often are looking for help and expertise in a variety of fields.  Visit the group now.

If you are not interested in being on the SkillsBank anymore let us know.  Please also get in touch if you have changed contact details.   


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