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how will youR Event support the RSA mission? 

For over 260 years, the RSA has been committed to enriching society through new ideas and practical action. You should be able to demonstrate in your application for support that your event will incorporate at least one of the following elements:

Innovative solutions

RSA Fellows are a network of people with the inclination and tools to intervene when solutions are needed for societal challenges. Helping others tap into the skills and expertise of the Fellowship is a powerful way for you to forward the RSA mission. 

Valuable connections

The Fellowship is an influential network which offers each of us the opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse range of people. Making sure those who participate in your activity develop valuable new connections will be essential. 

Inspiring ideas 

Enabling millions of people to have access to the most creative ideas is just one of the ways in which the RSA serves its mission. If you can help bring to light undiscovered ideas or new ways of thinking for those who participate in your activity, then we want to hear from you.

Our team is all about helping Fellows connect with great people, great ideas, and innovative projects in their local area. Do you have an idea for an event? Then use the RSA platform to make it a reality.

Laura House

Head of UK Areas


We have a range of tried and tested event formats to follow if you're looking for inspiration, with ready-made templates to help you organise an RSA event in your area. All RSA events must follow our Access for All Design Guide to Fellowship Events.

If you want to organise an event which does not fall into these formats, for example, a larger-scale conference, lecture or symposium, please contact your Local Area Team with your plans and they will advise on next steps. Please note, to lead a major RSA event, at least one of the Fellows in your team must have experience of running large events.

RSA Meetup

Get to know Fellows in your area and encourage others to get involved by hosting an informal RSA Meetup, where you can make connections, discuss the latest RSA activity, share skills, ideas and areas of interest. This is our simplest and easiest format.

RSA Watch

The RSA hosts one of the world’s leading public events programmes, delivering over 100 lectures, talks, screenings and debates a year. RSA Watch make's a pre-recorded RSA Public Event (or RSA Animate) the centre of your event to stimulate discussion amongst local Fellows.

RSA Ideas

RSA Ideas enable Fellows to share their ideas and early-stage projects with others in an open, collaborative, and creative environment. Hear about innovative, local activity whilst drawing on the expertise of our network to help people turn their ideas into reality.

In ConveRSAtion

Bring people in your area together to listen to an interview with a leading thinker, interesting person or industry expert, combined with an engaging audience discussion to make for an enlightened evening.

Street Wisdom

Street Wisdom is a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university to find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions.

If you're interested in running a Street Wisdom event in your area, sign up to become a Street Leader and to receive a short training video, written guide, and FAQ.


Street Wisdom
Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Whether you want to run an event or start a new network, there is support available to help shape your ideas and promote your activity.

To suggest an idea for activity in your Area to the team, please contact


To ensure our events are as high quality as possible we have put together minimum criteria for them. Please ensure you:  

  • Let us know details in advance. In order to effectively publicise an event, the Local Area Team requires a minimum of four weeks' notice in advance of your event. If you can let us know about your event further in advance, this will enable us to give you a fuller service in promoting your event to ensure the best attendance. 
  • Talk to us about your plans and complete the Event Safety Check List, we can support you based on our experience of what makes a great Fellowship event
  • All RSA events must follow our Access for All Design Guide to Fellowship Events. Further guidance can be found in the Event Safety Check List.
  • Conform to our logo guidelines
  • When working in partnership, let us know to ensure all logos and branding are appropriate
  • Use the RSA Eventbrite booking system
  • Record who attended the event, then send the information to your point of contact or email
  • Work in collaboration with other Fellows
  • Capture feedback from your event and share as evaluation
  • Update your MyRSA profile to make it easy for other Fellows to find out more about you and connect
  • Operate within the parameters set out in the ‘Code of Conduct when Representing the RSA.’
How about something else?

How about something else?

Through its unique networks the RSA seeks to make its ideas and innovations available as inspiration, opportunity, and resource to all.

We welcome new ideas from Fellows who want to bring the RSA to their community. Whether you’ve spotted a new challenge that needs to be talked about, or you have a talent for curating powerful new ideas, we want to hear from you.

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The Local Area team are on hand to help you plan your event and talk through the various options available. We encourage Fellows to use current RSA thinking to inspire debate and we will help you work in collaboration to achieve your aims.