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RSA Meetup

This event format makes it easy for Fellows to connect locally and discuss the latest RSA activity in an informal environment; an opportunity to network, share skills, ideas and areas of interest.

The best thing about the Manchester Meetup is the diversity of people, backgrounds and ideas colliding in the room... There are so many common values and connections!

Claire Haigh FRSA

How does it work?

Meetups bring Fellows together and encourage conversations, new connections and debate. Short updates from Fellows leading projects in the area can also help to provide inspiration.

This is our simplest and easiest format for Fellows to host. Timings can vary from 1 – 3 hours and are ideally held in the early evenings.

What's the format? 

  • Greet people and encourage networking
  • Have a brief introduction to welcome people and perhaps include updates on the RSA locally 
  • You may wish to intersect networking with a short topic, theme or pitch 
  • Network for 1-2 hours
  • Provide final thoughts from the facilitator
  • Close event

Meet with local Fellows whilst finding out more about the RSA, ideas and activities in your area, and how you can get involved.

The Fellowship is full of experts willing to share their skills and experience to help with projects that progress the RSA's mission. Meetups present an informal space for Fellows to connect with each other, share expertise, areas of interest and latest RSA news on a regular basis.


Step 1: Local Activity

Meetups can be held as a one-off event to understand interest in the local area, sometimes progressing into regular, local activity for Fellows to connect. Discuss with the Local Area team if there are other opportunities to meet with Fellows face to face in your town. 

Step 2: Format

Having people welcome and greet participants is essential. You may also want to have a brief interlude where someone speaks about a local project/themed discussion/area of interest etc. If you would like to include this element, agree who will facilitate; it should be no more than 20-30 minutes. Finally, make sure you have Fellows actively encouraging networking.

Step 3: Location

Choose your location and venue. Meetup events can take place in all sorts of venues, from cafes to community centres. Identify a space that will be relatively quiet, welcoming and in a central location. Avoid private spaces and check noise levels of venues. Having the option of a cash bar is recommended.

Step 4: Planning the event

There is plenty of support available to help shape your ideas and your event. Talk to a member of the Local Area team; we have tools and resources available, including suggestions and advice. Make sure that your collaborators are fully briefed and understand their roles.

Step 5: Promotion

When you have confirmed the date/time/venue for the Meetup, let us know and we can create a booking page and promote the event to other RSA Fellows. Invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbours to join in and use social media (#FRSA) to raise awareness of your event.

Step 6:  Prior to the event

Confirm details with all involved in the delivery of the event. Many venues also welcome an update on the expected number of attendees. The Local Area team will collate an attendee list from the RSA booking page and, if required, send materials (Journals, name badges) to you prior to the event - please request with at least one week's notice. 

Step 7: The event itself

Introduce the event and enjoy the stimulating conversation. Meet new people, exchange ideas and share solutions. Keep your event to time and make sure no one is left standing on their own. You may also want to plan your next steps - perhaps a follow-up event or regular network. 

Step 8: Feedback

Capture feedback from the participants, what did they think of the event and are there any next steps? Would you be keen for this to become a regular event?  Please provide details of who attended by returning a copy of the sign-in list. We can support you with sending a follow-up mailing after the event.

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Whether you want to run an event or start a new network, there is support available to help shape your ideas and promote your activity.

To suggest an idea for activity in your Area to the team, please contact