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Heritage Network


Led by RSA Fellows, this network will share and develop good practice in using the Heritage Index and Networked Heritage principles to engage communities and empower people to drive change locally.
The network aims to foster action through new collaborations, promoting the exchange of ideas, practices, and insights in the UK and other countries. By showcasing and supporting the use of the Heritage Index as an advocacy and strategy tool, we aim to strengthen the understanding of its relevance to decision-making in shared societal agendas.
The network is for people volunteering or working in the sector as well as anyone with an interest or passion for heritage and culture. The network aims to connect people beyond the Fellowship to actively address major challenges in engagement and participation in the sector.

To find out more, you can contact Heritage Network lead Isilda Almeida FRSA by following the Myrsa profile link below.

Isilda Almeida FRSA

Isilda Almeida FRSA

I work in the heritage sector in engagement, project management and fundraising