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Reinventing Work Network: London


Inspired by Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations, this network is about distributed leadership, a focus on purpose, and an invitation to wholeness at work. They are exploring the developing organisational forms that support these goals (called 'teal' by Laloux), learning about what’s being done, and inviting the practical adoption of these approaches by RSA Fellows, their organisations, and the RSA. You might have heard RSA talks by Laloux or by Jos de Blok, whose Dutch home-nursing group Buurtzorg is a standard-bearer for the movement. Buurtzorg is structured so that nurses organise themselves. They have no 'managers', and have cut costs to the health service by 40%, while improving quality of care and employee satisfaction. This network is a gathering-place for people who are leading their organisations towards 'teal', supporting change as consultants, or seeking to inspire change within their own organisations.

To find out more, contact network lead Francois Moscovici by following the Myrsa profile link below.