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The project considers talent as it applies to the music industry, and recommends that in a time of flux, music companies, colleges and media would do well to take a critical look at what they mean by talent. Social interactions and relationships are crucial in developing talent over time. 

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Channelling Talent brings together expertise from sociologists at the University of Manchester alongside in-depth interviews with musicians, educators, journalists and senior figures at BBC Radio1 and LiveNation – two of the world’s largest live music corporations.

By raising awareness, and highlighting a diversity of perspectives, including innovative and progressive practices, Channelling Talent suggests how various participants in the music world can ensure their networks are efficient channels for talent - for everyone’s benefit.

This report recommends the following:

  • Music institutions, with their stakeholders, should develop and publish their definition of talent as part of their wider mission statement. 

  • The effectiveness of initiatives to develop and support talent in music should be evaluated, and resources for initiatives should be allocated on the basis of effectiveness. 

  • Further research is needed to better understand the broad benefits of music participation, and the network dynamics created by online platforms to distribute and access networks.

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Associate Director, Public Services and Communities (Family leave)

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Jocelyn Cunningham FRSA

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