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Why work with RSA Consultancy?

Why work with RSA Consultancy?

With 260 years behind us, an excellent team, strong networks and the expertise of 30,000 Fellows to draw upon, the RSA is renowned for its independence and creativity, and the impact of its research and practical projects.

Think like a system, act like an entrepreneur is our RSA wide approach to change; it is how we think about complex challenges and how best to go about solving them. It means thinking deeply about the system as a whole, about where our intervention will land and understanding where there are opportunities and energy for change. 

How we work

RSA Consultancy offers a way for a range of public, voluntary and commercial partners such as the BBC, British Medical Association and Asda to work with us to secure organisational and system change, through high-impact policy development, public commissions and social and economic analysis.

We are adept at managing political sensitivity within organisations, having run Commissions on controversial policy areas, whilst retaining a practical awareness and focus on producing work with recommendations that are designed to be implemented.

We provide a unique offering through our track record of intellectual leadership and cutting edge research, through outstanding dissemination and profile and by tapping into the RSA’s diverse networks including its Fellowship of 30,000 leaders and opinion formers globally.

We combine high-quality primary and secondary research, thought-leadership and a proven ability to develop solutions that are tested and meet the desired outcomes. 

We deliver reach and impact, through an unparalleled programme of public and invite-only events, an impressive online presence, and via a range of influential networks.

Recent RSA Consultancy highlights

RSA consultancy specialises in helping organisations achieve their strategic vision. Here is a sample of some of our recent work.

British Medical Association (BMA)

RSA is interested in exploring a creative approach to institutional reform and embedding this within organisations.

Between spring and autumn 2014, RSA worked to ensure this high profile trade union for doctors maintains and develops its local support for its 153,000 members across the UK, amidst major NHS change.

This involved carrying out a review of the BMA’s internal democratic structures, involving early engagement with key internal stakeholders and a programme of regional and sector wide engagement, analysis and consultation, which culminated in the presentation of final recommendations.


More about our work with the BMA

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St Helens Council - Merseyside

RSA has a long history of innovation in the field of education.

In the face of increased pressure to improve schooling across the UK, RSA is working with schools, colleges and local authorities to help create a more coherent and unified system. In 2014 we worked with St Helens’ schools and the local authority to help achieve a significant and sustained improvement in pupils’ learning and to enhance students’ capacities in preparation for the world of work. This builds on the success of the independent education inquiry we ran in Suffolk in 2013.

RSA supported the St Helens Education Task Force whose aim was to raise educational achievement, meeting the needs of every child and securing future economic opportunities. RSA's work included research and analysis and the creation of a set of resources to support the Task Force to design effective solutions and define the next steps for action by St Helens school and Council.

Jumping Fish

Asda: Retail 2020: Developing positive community impact 

Changing consumer patterns, pressure on public services and slow economic growth mean we must find new ways of creating shared value for citizens and business. The Retail 2020 project set out to establish a future retail model of collaboration in order to achieve local social and economic regeneration and impact.

We co-designed this model with Asda, testing and developing new approaches in communities around Asda stores. These models provide a key competitive advantage in a period when traditional physical stores are set to experience transition and disruption. The evidence shows that leadership needs to go beyond corporate social responsibility. Our research suggested opportunities for new relationships between large stores and the people, places and public services around them. Examples include finding new commercial or community uses for car parks and other assets and offering new or existing public services for citizens within the store.

Our work set out the business case based on the social drivers of change. It provided a roadmap for how large retailers like Asda can evolve to co-produce a shared value retail model and how Asda can make this transition.


Read our 2020 Retail report

More information about RSA Consultancy

More information about RSA Consultancy

If you are interested in finding out more about how RSA Consultancy can work with your organisation, please contact us by emailing below, or by calling 020 7451 6833


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