Ian Burbidge

Ian is the Head of Innovation and Change at the RSA.

Ian leads the design, development, and application of the RSA’s approach to change, blending theory and practice from a range of disciplines to offer ways to address the challenges of our time. His research explores social change, the adoption and spread of ideas and practice and systems change across a range of settings. Ian leads projects that help clients and funders understand and address critical challenges within their organisation, community or field.

Ian is an experienced strategy and systems change practitioner with over fifteen years’ experience working across local public services. In Local Government his work was at the intersection of policy, partnership and participation including responsibility for corporate strategy, performance management and investment in the third sector. Ian has led multi-agency work across a range of areas including health and social care, education, housing, criminal justice and community development.

Ian holds a degree in Geography and a Masters in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics.

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Ian Burbidge