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How does the judging process work?

Each brief is judged by the judging panel in two stages.


  • The judges look at all of the submissions.
  • Using the judging criteria, they select 3 projects per age category to be shortlisted.
  • The RSA team contacts all competition entrants to let them know whether or not they have been shortlisted.


If your work is shortlisted:

  • You will be invited to the RSA to speak about your project in front of a panel of judges in any way that you chose.
  • The judges will then have five minutes to ask you questions about your project, so make sure you know your project inside out!
  • They will deliberate and select winners on the same day.
  • The judges will announce the winners in an afternoon ceremony on the same day.

Briefs Judging Criteria Explained

Social Benefit

How will your design make life better for someone?

How well finished is your final design? What skills have you used to make/draw/create your final design?

Have you used a combination of desk and real research? Who did you speak to? What questions did you ask? What did you learn?

Design Thinking
What was your design process? How does your final idea address what you discovered & the feedback from your audience?

We're looking for a little bit of 'magic' - an exciting brand new idea! Remember, it's the idea that counts, so think big!

Judging criteria