How we rebuild in the wake of disaster

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“As long as there were disasters, there would also be people heading out to help.”

When news of every catastrophe – a war, an earthquake, a terrorist attack – can reach across the world in a matter of moments, we can hardly fathom the human impact. We wonder: in these worst of moments, how do people find the strength to come together, pick up the pieces, and begin to heal?

Lucy Easthope has spent her life at the edges of disaster, coordinating the response and recovery in the wake of countless seismic events etched on all our memories. From 9/11 to the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and the Grenfell Tower fire, she has helped communities rally together, advocated for victims, survivors, and families, and made plans for how to manage unknown disasters to come. She reflects on how in these huge, defining moments, it’s often the small things that really matter, and on the strength, solace, and resilience that can be found in the darkest of times.

A world-leading authority on disaster response, Professor Easthope joins theologian, poet, and former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to share the stories of how we rebuild after disaster strikes. Together they reflect on how the human spirit carries us through our greatest losses, and how no matter the magnitude of what has happened, compassion, connection, and hope can – and must – always be found.

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