Carers (Scotland) Act: What does it mean?

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The Albany Learning and Conference Centre, Glasgow

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The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 comes into force next April.

The Act seeks to introduce a range of powers and duties covering Carer Support Plans and Young Carers’ Statements, hospital discharge processes and short breaks and local carers’ strategies.

The Act is meant to be a game changer yet, a question remains over local eligibility criteria, and whether these will minimise any positive impact for Scotland’s carers.

The Act will affect the work of many different third sector organisations. As such, the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector are holding a free event on 27 November, which aims to provide some insight into the Act’s provisions, how Glasgow City is preparing for it, and what you can do to help those you support.

Unpaid carers and other communities may also be interested in this event.

Interested local Fellows of the RSA are welcome to come and offer their thoughts on how the Act should be implemented and hear directly from high profile, expert speakers.

Please follow this link for more information and to book:

Location: The Albany Learning and Conference Centre, 44 Ashley Street, Glasgow G3 6DS