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Unpacking The Future: Making Sense of Your Own Crystal Ball

Fellowship Event



Join October's skillshare to gain the tools and concepts for building tomorrow’s visions and tying them to the realities of today with Kaleidoko’s Jonathan Tavss.

How often are you:

  • enamored by visions of the future conveyed within films, books or even by charismatic business leaders – with no idea how to get from here to there;
  • stifled by perceived hinderances in reaching future goals;
  • struggling to meet the business requirements laid before you and/or your team – whether in product development, project execution, financial planning, roadmap building, fundraising or other;
  • unable to bring yourself and others out of the known mundane to venture into the completely unknown;
  • determined to embark on a singular visionary path only to realize you can’t even find a new trailhead;
  • lacking in the vision of what a positive future actually looks like;
  • or, wondering if a certain future is even worth the effort?

Too often, we rely on technology and others to forge the direction of our future. But what if we could place ourselves in the right space and ride the wave of development rather than settling for trailing behind? Spend some time with Jonathan as he conveys some of Kaleidoko’s future society research involving such seemingly oblique issues as Genetics, AI and Blockchain to illuminate the exercises and process that can help you to unpack the future.



RSA US Friday Fellows Skillshares are short online presentations that Fellows give to share a skill, best practice, or methodology to the rest of the Fellowship. They are built to provide an overview of the skill or concept and leave plenty of room for attendees to ask questions about how what was learned can be applied in their lives. Join a skillshare to learn something new from the wealth of knowledge contained within the RSA Fellowship!
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