Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: Dealing with Covid-19 Loneliness, Anger & Anxiety

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There are lessons to be learned during isolation. Can we move beyond mere survival mode and understand our loneliness, anger and anxiety?

We offer a warm, engaging session as we come together in uncertain times at the RSA Virtual Coffeehouse. Everybody including both Fellows and non-Fellows is welcome to take part. Share stories, ideas and learn something new together. This is one of the first RSA Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations. Over the coming months, we hope to host a variety of conversations in this series. The event time will be split between talks from speakers and an engaging Q&A session.

There are many new questions about identity and existence that have arisen in the last month. This is an event for anyone who wants to know how to use this time wisely by responding from a place of calm and positivity, rather than reacting from panic and fear.

It's normal to feel conflicted, lonely, angry and anxious. Led by personal development consultant Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz FRSA, the event will approach difficult questions, which might include:

Are you afraid things won't ever go 'back to normal'? Worrying about being isolated with your family or partner? Confused about how to be there for others? Terrified of losing your job, becoming homeless or being alone?

In this conversation you'll learn practical, no-nonsense tools for calming your fears and igniting your passions, purpose and personal power.

Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz FRSA "The Man Whisperer" (Newsweek) has been a full-time personal development consultant for 30 years. The goal of his work is to inspire people on their life paths in alignment with their passions, purpose, and their authentic personal power, using bite-sized, easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques.

Bertie Harriman-Smith is a speaker and group facilitator with a special interest in young people’s mental health. He has facilitated boys’ groups and mixed groups in schools with great success. He loves helping others by sharing his raw but inspirational mental health story and empowering young people through peer-led groups.

This event will take place via Zoom online conferencing. Follow the "Book Now" link above in advance to receive joining instructions. You will receive the link to this meeting upon registering for the event, and again in a reminder 30 minutes beforehand. The event will be conducted in English.

If you have questions about this event, please email Rachel Godin (RSA Coffeehouse and London Events Manager) at [email protected].

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