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RSA Ideas

This event format allows Fellows to share their ideas and early-stage projects with others, drawing on the expertise of our network to help people turn their ideas into reality.

The perfect environment for us to test new ideas and receive honest, constructive feedback from a group of experienced individuals each offering different perspectives. We came away with a huge amount of inspiration and a renewed confidence in our work.

Rachel Crowther

How does it work?

The key to these pitch-style events is to create an open, collaborative and creative atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Q&A sessions allow for participants to comment, provide feedback and suggestions to help the pitcher. This format can also work as part of a larger event such as a conference or workshop.

What's the format?

  • Registration and networking, outline the format
  • 5 ideas pitched, 3 minutes for the pitch followed by 3 minutes Q&A
  • Break and networking
  • 5 ideas pitched, 3 minutes for the pitch followed by 3 minutes Q&A
  • Close and networking

We recommend a maximum of 10 pitchers. The timings can be adapted to accommodate fewer pitches.

At the RSA, we believe that everyone should have the power to turn their ideas into reality.

This will be a great opportunity to bounce your ideas around in an open, collaborative, and creative environment. Pitch your project or ideas to a group to get feedback and support, and/or share your skills to help others develop their ideas.


Step 1: Local projects and new ideas 

Do you want to organise an event to encourage skills sharing and support within your local Fellowship network? Are there ideas brewing in your area which could benefit from pitching at an RSA Ideas event?


Step 2: Format

The event format combines networking with pitchers and audience Q&A. If you have fewer than 8 pitchers, you may want to increase the amount of time for each pitcher. You'll also want a host to help welcome and encourage participation. Speak to the Local Area Team to help find pitchers. 

Step 3: Location

Choose your location and venue. Ideas events work best in a big open space where the chairs can be set out in an open format (e.g. in a circle). Identify a space that will be relatively quiet, welcoming and in a central location.

Step 4: Planning the event

All your pitchers should sign up in advance via Eventbrite. Check with the Local Area team to ensure they have been briefed in advance. You might want to prepare a handout with information about each speaker. Make sure your helpers are fully briefed and understand their roles.

Step 5: Promotion

Once you have confirmed the date/time/venue, let us know and we can create a booking page and promote the event to other RSA Fellows. Invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbours to join in and use social media (#FRSA) to raise awareness of your event.

Step 6:  Prior to the event

Confirm details with all involved in the delivery of the event. Many venues also welcome an update on the expected number of attendees. The Local Area team will collate an attendee list from the RSA booking page and if required, send materials (Journals, name badges) to you prior to the event - please request with at least one week's notice. 

Step 7: The event itself

Have refreshments available for guests when they arrive. Ensure you have hosts to welcome participants and capture attendance. Introduce the event and keep to timings - if pitchers go over, ring a bell to be fair to everyone, it can make it fun! Find a way for people to share their thoughts/ideas if they don't get a chance (i.e. leave paper and pens on the chairs and collect after each pitch).

Step 8: Feedback

Capture feedback from the participants, what did they think of the event and are there any next steps? Please provide details of who attended by returning a copy of the sign-in list. We can support you with sending a follow-up mailing after the event.

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Whether you want to run an event or start a new network, there is support available to help shape your ideas and promote your activity.

To suggest an idea for activity in your Area to the team, please contact