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Innovative Education Network


How can we improve everyone’s experience of learning and education? How can we create successful futures for people, communities and society?

The Innovative Education Network wishes to make a difference by finding ways of increasing inclusivity, equity and a whole education approach for all. In particular we wish to find ways of exploring, creating, sharing and supporting the development of innovations in many different formal and informal settings and developing further reflections in the area of teaching and learning. 

We welcome a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds to enrich our work. Now is a great time to come help shape the network.

This is just the beginning of our journey as a network. We're really looking forward to working together in new and exciting ways in order to make a difference in the world of education

Chris McLean

Network Lead and Thematic Fellowship Councillor for Creative Learning and Development

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This network is open to everyone whatever your expertise or experience.

We welcome your input and contribution, however large or small.

We seek to work globally through online collaboration, while finding ways to support change locally.

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Join a task group

Tasks-groups are a key way our network can take action on specific issues. Each task group focuses on specific area of innovative education and has their own aims and ambitions. The activities, events and other outputs are developed by members of the task-group based around their shared aims and visions. There are also different ways of participating in a task group. 


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