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Mozfest - who attends this event?

The ‘MozFest’ week long event welcomes over 2500 participants from more than 50 countries worldwide, opening people up to the ability to communicate interculturally. The idea of this festival is to connect individuals of any age and skill level, with professionals such as coders, journalists, teachers and hackers. Some of the content of the sessions presents strong links to the work of the RSA and the interests of the fellows of the charity, which contributes to making it an ideal venue for the event.

This fantastic opportunity Mozilla have created, provides participants with opportunities they may never have got to experience prior to attending ‘MozFest’.

When we were searching for a venue for MozFest house, we wanted a building that felt like a surprising yet comfortable home for a technology festival. One that carried the history of London and yet felt modern at the same time. The RSA was this and more. Our participants loved the heritage and the beauty of the venue which was reflected so well in the rooms that hosted unconferences, film nights, and workshops all exploring new technologies and Internet health. The building allowed us to expand across the 3 floors during the day as our events and participant numbers grew, and still feel intimate for the smaller night talks and social events. The team is incredible, really friendly, professional and very supportive. MozFest house is delighted to return for a second year to the RSA.

Sarah Allen

Events and Training Executive Director of MozFest;

How do they utilise RSA House?

‘MozFest’ takes place with exclusive use across a re-branded RSA House. Each of the rooms within RSA House is adapted according to the requirements of the workshops taking place with use of the Benjamin Franklin as a coffeehouse.

The weeklong event concludes on the Saturday, with one spectacular party located in the vaults space. The original layout and exposed brick work of the vaults, contribute to the outstanding setting for the concluding party. Where each vault welcomes various forms of entertainment.

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla are the creators of the well-known browser Firefox. As well as creating the popular browser, they address current issues that the internet faces today, including privacy, misinformation and trolling. Based around the company interests, the foundation has created an exceptional one-week annual event, taking place in the final week of October. ‘MozFest House’, takes place throughout RSA House.


What is ‘MozFest’?

This event is made up from a combination of over 320 uniquely designed workshops, sessions and events, each running for between 30 – 90 minutes. The combination of sessions and workshops focus on the following areas;

  • Decentralisation
  • Privacy & security
  • Digital inclusion