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TAG Heuer

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What was the purpose of the event?

On Tuesday 27th November 2018, Tag Heuer hosted a live debate ahead of the North London derby, Arsenal v Tottenham fixture on Sunday 2nd December to preview this high-pressure game – relating to their #DontCrackUnderPressure motto.

The event which was hosted in Vault 1 and the Durham Street Auditorium, consisted of 70 guests made up of football fans from each team, media, influencers and VIP clients. The event acted as an opportunity for guests to hear first-hand from Ian Wright and Jermain Jenas (ex Arsenal and Tottenham legends respectively) about their experiences of playing in this fixture and their professional views and thoughts about how the game would be decided and on the remainder of the Premier League season.

The objectives of this event were both to offer their guests an exclusive and unforgettable experience, and capture content to push on their channels.

“The RSA is a beautiful and sophisticated venue offering several areas serving various purposes. We needed a space capable of creating two separate atmospheres; one luxury, unique and welcoming, alongside a more intimate space. We used Vault 1 as a space to welcome our guests, host our pre-debate drinks / canapés and display our products, and the Durham Street Auditorium, which was perfect to host an on-stage debate with our two exclusive speakers.”

Robert Lopes

Assistant Marketing Manager




How does the RSA fit with their requirement?

We were able to support the client’s objectives well as the Vaults are self-contained within the house therefore we can have a dedicated team for that specific event, servicing the event with ease. 

The Vaults has its own banqueting kitchen and servery as well as a dedicated entrance for clients; which allows for exclusivity in branding and flexibility of service. The event had a marketing installation as well as other display items which could be loaded in via a dedicated tunnel entry point on the same level as the Vaults.




What makes RSA House such a good place to host a showcase?

The RSA is a sophisticated and exclusive space and at the same time welcoming and cosy, which is quite unique.

The overall feedback was very positive, with people being very complimentary of the event, the majority having never been to the venue before.