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Walking the tightrope on the future of work


18th September 2018

An article by: Sir Brendan Paul Barber

In advance of a national conference on the future of work, Sir Brendan Barber, Acas Chair, argues that anyone who aims to influence the world of work has to understand the ever- shifting policy focus between regulation, in ...

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Our key themes

We will focus our work on three major areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact for the most people.

Public Services & Communities

We enable people to take an active role in solving the problems in their own communities, driving innovation and changing the way that public services are designed, delivered and managed. 

Creative Learning & Development

We seek to close the creativity gap, working with learners, educators and leaders to develop new approaches that enable everyone, regardless of background, to generate original, valuable ideas and make them happen. 

Economy, enterprise and manufacturing

We bring together businesses, makers and entrepreneurs to understand and promote entrepreneurship, sustainable and innovative manufacturing and to create the next generation of socially responsible designers and enterprises. 

Cross Cutting Projects

Institutional Reform

Institutional Reform

We seek to help institutions change in a way that matches their private needs and interests with the wider public good. 

Social Brain

Social Brain

We use modern understandings of human nature to transform public understanding of how we might address major challenges in policy and practice. 



We develop and deliver innovative action and research projects, award schemes and events to encourage and support designers in creating a resilient, resourceful and sustainable society. 

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