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Manufacturing and Innovation

We live in a material world. With new technologies promising a revolution in the way things are made and distributed, and increasing pressure on the world’s resources, we need smart industrial strategy more than ever.

Work and Enterprise

The robots are coming, and soon they will be cleverer than you. The gig economy is growing as the 9 to 5 job disappears. Will this bring more fulfilling and autonomous work, greater leisure, or a new era of widening inequality and exploitation?

Economic Democracy

Everyone is affected by the way we run our economy. So we’re working to broaden democratic ownership and control of economic institutions, as well as greater public participation in economic policy.

Economics is not dentistry

11th January 2017

Tony Greenham argues that Keynes' comparison with dentists sends us in completely the wrong direction.

What is artificial intelligence anyway?

15th December 2016

Artificial intelligence is once again in the media spotlight. But what is it exactly? And how does it relate to developments in machine learning and deep learning?

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