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Public Services & Communities

We enable people to take an active role in solving the problems in their own communities, driving innovation and changing the way that public services are designed, delivered and managed.

Featured project

The Inclusive Growth Commission is an independent, impactful inquiry designed to understand and identify practical ways to make local economies across the UK more economically inclusive and prosperous.

Creative Learning & Development

We seek to close the creativity gap, working with learners, educators and leaders to develop new approaches that enable everyone, regardless of background, to generate original, valuable ideas and make them happen. 

Economy, Enterprise & Manufacturing

We ask how economic institutions and policies can be designed to reward and support a meaningful and creative life, provide economic security for all and preserve our planet’s ecological systems.

Featured project

The Citizens Economic Council is a programme which will give citizens a say on national economic policy, and influence the future of the UK economy.


Ha-Joon Chang explains why every single person can and SHOULD get their head around basic economics. He pulls back the curtain on the often mystifying language of derivatives and quantitative easing, and explains how easily ...

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Rebuilding trust in economics


6th February 2017

An article by: Reema Patel

We need to respond to a new post-crash, post-truth, and post-trust political environment. Might initiatives like the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council, which began its deliberations over the weekend, address these problems?

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Heritage connects people to where they live. This new publication from the RSA, in partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund reflects focus groups, workshops, interviews and public events across the UK.

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RSA Journal

The award-winning RSA Journal is a quarterly publication for our Fellows, featuring the latest cutting-edge ideas from international writers alongside RSA news

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Find out what the RSA has to say, join the debate online and connect with other Fellows who share your interests.


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